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    Default Thank You from Nelis Customs - it's been an amazing voyage

    My Fellow Pittsburgh Boaters,

    As some of you may have heard through the grapevine, I've been faced with an extremely tough decision for the last several months and if the news isn't fully out yet - Nelis Customs is closing. At this time, we are only open to complete work taken on during the off season but Nelis Customs will not be accepting any new work.

    It's an announcement I've dreaded having to make since I became a business owner in 2008, but I never dreamed it would come for the reasons it has. Oddly enough, the closure decision came after the forth year of sales exceeding even my expectations and 2011 being our best year yet so it has absolutely nothing to do with performance, finances, or any of those pesky reasons that end most business owner's dreams. Simply put - if I had to call any part of the wonderful experience a failure, I'd say I failed in not growing the size of the business fast enough to allow it to keep up with the tremendous demand we've been fortunate to have since day one, thanks largely in part to the community.

    Instead of looking for a reason to blame for the closure, in reality it's because I was made an offer I couldn't refuse to become partner of another company for the industry I thought I left behind for good when I opened Nelis Customs. After months of trying to find a way to have my cake and eat it too (by keeping Nelis Customs afloat despite the new business venture), I've realized attempting such an act without having the time necessary to keep providing what my customers have come to expect would almost certainly end badly so I've decided to bow out of the industry on a high note instead.

    I'd like to give my sincerest thank you to the because you all have been a contributing factor to Nelis Customs success. This website and it's community of members, in addition to being the source for knowledge to Greg Nelis the Pittsburgh boater, brought more customers to Nelis Customs than all of my other paid advertising ventures combined. Your support honestly matters to "we the business owners" so please continue to do business with those who advertise and help make this great site available to all of us.

    I have truly enjoyed being a part of the forum, helping boaters, and of course making new friends. Earlier today I created a new user name "Greg Nelis" that I plan to use for future postings as I enjoy the one perk of closing a boating related business - spending more time enjoying my boat on the rivers of Pittsburgh.

    Thank you all - it has been my pleasure serving the boating community for the past 4 years. Such that I wouldn't be shocked if one day the business resurfaces again, but in the meantime please continue to support your local businesses by purchasing good old "Made in the 'Burgh" products whenever possible, especially those that support this site. Those of you who have read my postings or spoke to me personally have heard this before, but there is absolutely no comparison when it comes to the value received by having your product produced locally over the alternative of purchasing a cheap (and cheaply made) ___ in a box online. While I still feel Pittsburgh has a tremendous shortage of suppliers in this field given the size of our boating community, without your support these businesses would not exist so PLEASE BUY LOCAL whenever possible so the few that we do have in our area can continue to support the industry.

    Greg Nelis
    Nelis Customs

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    Thank you for supporting the site and being a part of the community. Over the years you provided the forum with a great deal of honest, unbiased information about the finer points of canvas workmanship and materials. Thanks again and good luck in your future endevors!

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    Good luck Greg in whatever you do. I sent you some business not long ago that's how I found out that you were out of the business.


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    Aw just missed you. Was looking for a new canvas to replace my leaking 2006 MarineCustomCanvas. Might you give me a good referral?

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