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    Default That stuff really works...

    I'm always confused at the boat store....does this stuff worK? If you have used a product and it worked, let the rest of u sknow;

    1. Magic Erasure - great for scuffs on the boat, inside outside, top side bottom side
    2. Seafoam - fuel additive
    3. 3m wax/cleaner - good for buffing and light to moderate scuff removal...1 step and gives a good shine
    4. Toilet bowl cleaner and hydrogen peroxide - great bottom cleaner

    Looking for a cleaner for seats/vinyl and also a product to clean my bumpers....any other products you have used for anything on the boat...share it!!!

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    303 areospace vinyl protectant is the best. Clean vinyl with spray 9 or magic eraser.
    303 fabric treatment is the best waterfroofing for sumbrella. (manufacturer recomended)
    meguiars flagship marine is the wax of choice.
    Rv awning cleaner works well on fenders, but acetone will work when nothing else will. Acetone is also great for shore power cords. Treat with 303 vinyl protectant afterwards, otherwise the cords and fenders will become real sticky.
    Flitz metal polish is the best for stainless steel. Will also clean stubborn fuel stains on gelcoat, but will remove wax.
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    lysol and peroxide works awesome and is real cheap to do. i got before and after shots on my upgrade thread if your interested check it out.

    i 2nd the acetone, it is a surface prep and also a great wax remover and a must use before compounding. it alone will get some rash and marks off before you even compound. it allows the compound to work easier and better.
    it works like no other on the rubrail and will restore it to almost new condition with no real effort. agreed that you should protect any rubber or plastic pieces you clean with it with a 303 or armor all,(helps to seal in the shine)

    i just got done using the 3m wax after i used meguires restorer liquid compound, i started with no shine and powdery surface and now it's all slickery. it actually goes a long way as well. just needs a little extra buffing afterwards. thumbs up but time will tell if it holds up. the meguires restorer doesnt have a lot of bite to it but it does a nice job and is shiny once buffed off.
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    old fashion white vineger works great for mold spots on underside of camper canvas and great to clean ac condenser fins plus alot of other things its cheap and works great

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    Fuel additive...this is going to become a growing topic in coming years. I am not sure if anyone is aware of this or not, but you can't even get ethanol free marine gas anymore in PA. This is according to dear Peggy herself from Peggy's Harbor, who hasn't carried ethanol-free marine gas since I think 2009 or 2010. It would be an interesting resarch to study to compare the costs of putting fuel additive in over the course of the season vs repair bills later on down the road if they should so much as occur.

    If anyone doesn't know about boats and fuel containing ethanol, you should really look into it. Water+ethanol is bad. And we get alot of dewy, foggy nights down on the water even in the dog days of summer if you are moored for the season.

    No problems yet on my 2006 Bayliner sitting down at Branchport since 2006 season. Then again, Peggy's Harbor had ethanol free gas since a few years ago. I AM noticing more difficult engine starts.

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