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Thread: Branchport????

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    Do you think Rich is doing all the repairs ? Please post what you see when you go down . Did anyone recieve a contract.

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    Stopped by in the upper parking lot one week ago. Everything is in and looks perfect. Branchport I can't wait to come back.

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    Rich is trying to motivate wayne to do more.. its wayne's money to spend. Rich shouldnt have to put out of his own pocket as he doesnt make anything off of the marina. Make sure to urge Wayne to do more if you plan to come back.

    I was there on monday. I wont say perfect, but better then last year.
    90% of the docks are up and floating as they should. half of the docks were repainted and the other half is suppose to be repainted.

    The old trailer on the hill was removed and the gazebo was removed.. so it looks less run down then normal.

    I will be back at branchport as well.
    ~ Justin

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    How can we express our interest to Wayne for getting Wi-Fi?? I would love to see this ammenity for the grounds. Especially in this age with everyone having smartphones, tablets, and netbooks with wifi. There is totally enough interest. I think it would be a nice gesture of Wayne to get for the marina to make up for a bit of neglect (although I have never personally had a problem with it except no power to run a sweeper out on the outer dock.

    Wayne has always been courteous. Lets us drink at all hours, have a fire late into the night, bbq, put in kayaks, fish from shore. I think it will be back and as good as the 2007 days this year.

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    This really is a joke i found out that if it wasn't for some boaters that tried to stand up and take over the marina. Wayne prob wouldn't of had made any changes he is only doing things because he has to. thank you boaters who have done this someone had to get things started. you know what they say you have to stand up for something or you will fall for anything!

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